Clutch & Co on holiday

Clutch & Co on holiday

Clutch & Co on holiday

By Dom Tyson

Back during the 2017 mid season break when I was playing for the Melbourne Demons, I was lucky enough to venture to King Island for a golfing trip with Michael Hibberd, Jayden Hunt, Jack Watts and some of our family and friends (many of us sporting the newly launched Clutch & Co 1/4 zip performance tops!).

Melbourne Football Club put together an article (and a video that’s a bit of fun) here - my excerpt from the adventure is below.

Golf holiday.jpg

Clutch & Co Golf Wear goes on holiday

King Island is between Victoria and Tasmania in Bass Strait, so once that small aircraft lands, you can relax. It was a good chance to freshen up (and also, yes, as you can tell from the photos it was a bit fresh).

We were able to get a couple of rounds in at Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes Golf Course. They’re some of the most picturesque courses you can play on, so we had a group of 12 – a few boys from the footy club, plus a few mates and family members, so it was a ripper time. It went quick; we lost a few balls, but it was always good fun.

Hunty hits a really nice ball, but I think Hibbo took the honours out of us – he was pretty good. Some of the courses, you’ve got to clear 180 metres before you’re on the fairway, and you’re on a cliff and you’re elevated. There are waves crashing into the sides of the rocks and it’s just a beautiful course to play at.

I went all right – some good shots and some very, very ugly. I lost a few balls. It was just good to get away, as you’re relaxing and are a millions miles from the footy world down in the middle of King Island. You’re just away from it all and switching off for a couple of days, mentally, just as much as anything. I came back to the club on Monday and felt fresh and ready to roll for the second half of the year.

We’re in a pretty good spot – five [wins] and five [losses], so we’d like to have one or two more wins, but that’s not the case. We’re in a pretty good spot to attack the second half of the year and hopefully we can win two or three in a row and set ourselves up.

We feel like our good footy is good enough and we’ve just got to control the moments where we’re letting teams get away from us in particularly quarters or halves of footy.

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