We're Going Green...on the Greens 2.0

Let's welcome two new styles of the Clutch Eco Polo Range, made from 45% recycled materials!

Amazingly, 6 x 600ml recycled water bottles create 1 polo.

The Process!

Time to take the range finder out of the bag and zoom in on this thing called recycling a little closer. While recycling water bottles and plastic is not new, using it to create polyester is starting to garner more interest from manufacturers.

So how is recycled plastic turned into polyester? Well, it is a little technical, but the process involves liquidized zinc oxide spinning technology in yarn form. The recycled yarn is created from PET plastic water bottles. By application in yarn form, it reduces the additional chemicals, energy use, and our overall carbon footprint!

The Why?

When it comes to being Eco-Friendly there is no perfect method, but it is about doing your bit, no matter how big or small. It's our chance to do a small bit towards a greener future.

The Benefit!

Lies within the quality – the Clutch & Co Eco range has maintained the rich and soft polyester feel we are all accustomed to.

All the additional features of moisture management, anti-wicking, UPF 50+, and anti-bacteria plus many more are still incorporated!