Top 7 Finds That Will Have You Looking Like a Touring Pro

Top 7 Finds That Will Have You Looking Like a Touring Pro

Top 7 Finds That Will Have You Looking Like a Touring Pro

Golf is a traditional sport. However, in recent times, the golfing apparel landscape has shifted. An increase to participation amongst the younger generations has resulted in more freedom and room for individual expression on the course. Fashion and style are now blended with comfort and function.

“The right apparel, accessories, and equipment can add confidence, which is essential for making an excellent swing..,” shares Max Liane, Accountants Brisbane CEO and a golf player.

We’ve rounded up some stylish and high-quality finds that can give you that “touring pro” look.

1.Khaki Tapered Chino Pants by Clutch & Co

Designed for optimal comfort and flexibility, you will move freely around the course in these slim-leg tapered stretch chino pants. Clutch & Co has combined a breathable cotton and elastane stretch fabric to allow movement while maintaining the stylish tapered fit. A pant for all seasons!

2.The Clutch Eco Polo White

Going green on the greens…with a sustainable and environmentally friendly the Clutch Eco Polo. With 45% of the Clutch Eco Polo White created from a recycled plastic spun yarn.  To be exact, the fabric is produced from six 600ml recycled plastic water bottles. And maintains all the important features of a traditional summer golf polo. With a soft, rich, and stretchy polyester texture. Accentuated with navy, it highlights your form while playing.

3.FootJoy Pro/SL Carbon Shoes

From parks and parklands to links and heathland, good golf shoes will help you maintain stability.

FootJoy has introduced a more stable version of the Pro/SL, the Pro/SL Carbon. Although they look similar, the Carbon version has a better grip due to the integrated carbon fiber along the entire length of the midsole. It leads the way in terms of stability despite being spikeless.

4.Titleist Tour Performance Cap

If you’re an avid golfer, you likely know this brand. Titleist is worn by golf professionals worldwide; so, if you want to look like a touring pro, don the TITLEIST TOUR PERFORMANCE CAP. It has excellent moisture and heat management. The proprietary material also resists microbes to prevent odor. You can find this cap in various colors.

5. Callaway Dawn Patrol Gloves

Golf gloves are crucial for your gripping power—in all conditions.

 The Callaway Dawn Patrol is a piece of high-performance equipment made of 100% Cabretta leather. It offers an optimum feel, remarkable durability, and a classic appearance at an affordable cost. The top of the hand is perforated to increase breathability.

6. Yoport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner

Regular cleaning is essential in preserving the durability and performance of golf clubs. The Yoport Golf Club Brush and Club Groove Cleaner offer convenience and practicality. It includes wire and nylon-bristle brushes, a carabiner clip, and a retractable zip line, so you don’t have to remove the brush when cleaning.

7. TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag

This golf bag features a professional appeal whether you’re playing with friends or in a tournament. It has a bigger storage space, which also gives a sensational shape. Waterproof and comfortable around the shoulders, it’s a worthy investment.

Compared to other sports, golf has more particularity in fashion and gadgetry. Investing in these high-quality finds will redefine your golfing experience.  You’ll find the ideal blend of comfort, function and style now at Clutch and Co.

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