Why we aren't going on sale this Black Friday?

Why we aren't going on sale this Black Friday?

Why we aren't going on sale this Black Friday?

The short answer_ Our prices are honest.  

As Black Friday approaches we thought it was important to tell our customers why you won’t see Clutch & Co on sale.

Clutch & Co wants to ensure it can offer ALL of our customers the lowest possible prices all year round. To do so, we design, manufacture and set our product prices to their true value.

Clutch & Co is a brand forged from the belief of gaps in the mid to low range golfing apparel market.  That is reflected in our current price points all year round, not for just one day of the year. We will maintain this approach as we offer a broader variety of products, including the upcoming Clutch & Co Women’s Range. (Due for release; Q1, 2022)

As a new golf brand that is continuing to design and release new items, we want to create a relationship with customers throughout the entire year with price stability.  We don’t want our customers to suffer from buyers’ remorse after buying a Clutch & Co item, to only see it be heavily discounted a few days later.

While this is no way trying to discredit other companies going on sale, we just wanted you to know why you won’t see any price deductions or discount codes from us on Black Friday.


Dom Tyson – Clutch & Co Founder.

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